Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris


Adverbal adalah kata yang menjelaskan penjelasan mengenai tempat, waktu dan cara suatu kegiatan atau peristiwa itu terjadi. Contoh : now,  here, loudly, softly, tomorrow, again.

Contoh :

I am playing now.

He speaks softly.

He studying again.

He come tomorrow.

She studying English now.


Command and Request

Command adalah perintah sedangkan request adalah permintaan. Pengertian command and request adalah kalimat permintaan / permohonan dengan kata ganti orang kedua


Come here now!

Don’t be stupid!

Study deligently!

Be good to her!

Be careful!


Direct Speech – Indirect Speech

Kalimat Langsung Dan Kalimat Tak Langsung

Simple present – menjadi – Simple past

Direct Speech

Simple present

Present continuous

Present perfect

Present perfect continuous

Simple past

Past continuous



Indirect Speech

Simple past

Past continuous

Past perfect

Past perfect continuous

Past perfect

Past perfect continuous



Direct Speech  Indirect Speech
1 Simple Present Tense Simple Past Tense
Linda said: “I buy my dictionary at the book shop”. Linda said that she bought her dictionary at the book shop.
2 Present Continuous Tense Past Continuous
She said: “I doing my English homework”. She said that she was doing her English homework.
3 Present Perfect Past Perfect Tense
John said: “I have finished doing my reports”. John said that he had finished doing his reports.
4 Present Perfect Continuous Tense Past Perfect Continuous Tense
He said: “We have been living here for three years”. He said that they had been living there for three years.
5 Future Tense Past Future Tense
Laila said: “We will leave for Singapore”. Laila said that they would leave for Singapore.
6 Past Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Tense
He said: “I was reading an English novels”. He said that he had been reading English novels.

Sumber :







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